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Frequently asked questions

What can we help you with?

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What is Tabas?
Is a real estate technology startup that offers apartments completely renovated and designed for an experience full of comfort and full of amenities.

What is the difference between Tabas, Airbnb and a Hotel?
Tabas offers all the support you need during your stay, like maintenance, cleaning and laundry services, we also guarantee the flexibility to carry out your experiences as if you were at home.

Can I visit the apartment?
Yes, you can schedule visit together with our team.

What documentation it is necessary to rent the apartment?
the documentation required for booking your apartment is: Drivers License or Passport or ID.

What is the minimum staying?
1 month.

What is the maximum staying?
1 year.

Can I make a booking today and already move in tomorrow?
Yes! If your choose apartment that is already available you can book one day and move on the following day.

What is the type of contract that we are going to sign?
Contract with details of your reservation and Tabas terms and conditions.

How can I pay for a Tabas apartment?
You can pay for your apartment through bank transfer, and credit card.

Do I have to pay on a monthly basis or everything in full?
At Tabas you can choose to pay monthly or the full amount of your stay.

Is everything included in the rent or do you have extra fees?
Yes, everything is included, no surprises. We offer extra services that you can also contract.

Are cleaning fees included in the price?
Depend on wich apartment you choose. We have apartments with daily cleaning included and apartments that you can pay separately if you want.

How does the check in process work?
The building staff receive an authorization with your information, and we send to you the apartment informations.

Can I extend my booking date?
Yes you can extend, just request to our Tabas team 20 days before your check-out.

What is the frequency of the cleaning service?
If you hire the service you can choose the days you want to use this service.

Who should I talk to if there is any problem inside the apartment?
The facilities team is ready to attend your requests.

Can I invite overnight guests?
Yes, you are free to receive guests, respecting the condominium's rules.

Need guarantor?
not necessary, with Tabas is simple.

What is the procedure for checking out of my unit?
Check-out takes place by 12pm on the scheduled date, so we can carry out the analysis of the unit, and cleaning for the next check-in.

How does the cancellation policy work?
Cancellation requests must be made 20 days before the booking for a refund.

What is included in the rent?
Almost everything water, electricity, internet, tv, condominium, property tax and Tabas support service.

How fast is the internet in the property?
All of our apartments have a high-speed Wi-Fi network;

Is the TV cable included?
Yes, cable TV is part of the Tabas standard.

Can I bring my pet?
Depends from the unit you choose, but in the vast majority it is possible.

What are the fees for landlords?
Landlords do not pay fees to publish apartments on Tabas.

How do I list my property or home?
To list your apartment in tabas you can contact us and our acquisition team will evaluate your apartment.

What kind of homes does Tabas look for?
We look for apartments in the best neighborhoods of the cities.

What maintenance cover?
Tabas will take care of all during the term of the contract.

Where do you operate?
Itaim Bibi, Vila Olímpia, Jardins, Pinheiros e Moema.

Who furnishes the home?
Exclusive team of architects and designs from Tabas.

Who pays for utilities?
we make the total payment for utilities.

Is rent guaranteed?
You will receive the rent regardless of the location, the tabas will pay you every month.

Do I keep the furniture after our agreement ends?
Yes, you keep the apartment renovation items after the end of the contract.

Are you going to make some heavy structural changes to the property?
What happens if I don’t like them? the entire renovation project needs to be approved by you.

What happens if the tenant damages the property or damages himself in the property?
Tabas is the property manager so any damage or maintenance, we will carry out.

How can I book a property for one of our employees?
you can rent the apartment to your employee by talking to our sales team.

Do I need to send you any documents of the employee?
Yes, identification documents.

Is the contract going to be signed by the employee or the company?
By the employee.

Do you offer partnership & discounts for Corporates?
Tabas is always open to new partnerships and also to get special prices.

How can I be invoiced for a Tabas apartment?
Your payment can be made: in full or monthly.

Why should I use Tabas vs Hotel & Airbnb?
Unlike Hotels and Airbnb, with Tabas you can enjoy an experience as if you were at home.

Do I have a dedicated point of contact?
Yes, with our sales team when you are looking for your apartment and our special channel with maintenance team during your stay.

In which neighborhoods/area do you mainly rent properties?
Today we work with the following neighborhoods: Itaim Bibi, Jardim Paulista, Vila Olímpia, Vila Nova Conceição, Pinheiros and Moema.

What happens if we need to extend the stay of our employee?
You can request the extension 20 days in advance.


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