Renovate your property, relax and collect rent

We will rent it from you, renovate and transform it into a beautifully designed and fully furnished apartment.

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Benefits for property owners in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

An hassle free, stable and safe experience

Don’t worry anymore about finding and screening new tenants, having the apartment vacant, renovating your property, fixing damages or dealing with brokers.

Just relax, sit back and collect your rent.

Stable long-term yield
Stable long-term yield
Apartment renovation included
Apartment renovation included
Property Management
Property Management
Tenant Management
Tenant Management
No agents' and brokers' fee
No agents' and brokers' fee

How it works?

Sign a Lease and Partnership Agreement
Sign a lease & partnership agreement with us and you are guaranteed 6 years of rent, no matter what.
Furnishing & Decor
Our team of interior designers hand selects and purchases all of the furniture, equipment, and accessories needed to make your property a perfect fit for our highly selected residents.
High Quality Residents
We find the perfect residents, through partnerships with leading companies. We screen each resident to make sure that they will take care of your property.
Professional Cleaning & Maintenance
Tabas takes care of any issue a resident has. We regularly clean your property and repair any damage caused by residents, at no additional cost to the owner.
24/7 Owner Support
We’re available 24/7 to answer your questions and handle any concerns you may have.
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Frequent Questions

Is rent really guaranteed?
Yes. No matter what. If the property is vacant, Tabas will still pay you on-time every month for your entire contract term. We directly deposit rent into your bank account.
What are the fees for using Tabas?
We require an on-boarding period, depending on the status of the property. This will allows us to make any needed repairs or upgrades and furnish the home.
What maintenance does Tabas cover?
Tabas will cover any resident damage at no cost to the owner. For issues caused by age, deferred maintenance, or catastrophic event, Tabas will repair or oversee repairs at the expense of the owner.
More questions?